The Crying Minds Series: 

A psychological crime thriller series set in London, UK, Europe and China. Roze, a young woman with extreme emotional intelligence and mind-reading skills, becomes a new age female “James Bond” caught in a fight against sadistic women hater and game developing psychopath, Hydra, through brainwashed minds, the secret service and the dark web. 

Three significant storylines weave through the books; the vital force of mind, EQ, truth and love; the rise to power of Hydra and his many heads across the dark web and underworld, through a sinister reality computer game, enabled by his harem of Mind Slaves; the obsession with finding a cure against evil, mind-blindness and abuse.  

This is a fictional journey through real-life horrors such as abuse, slavery, torture and coercive control; ignorance of the importance of prevention and cure; the potential dangers and possibilities around artificial intelligence and bioscience; as well as the extreme power of addictive computer games and virtual reality.

Past. Present. Future.

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June 2020

After a rough start in life, Roze is growing up in London unable to understand why she has such extreme EQ and mind-reading abilities. With all eyes watching her and desperate to fit in, she keeps her unique skills to herself until one day, at the age of almost 14, a local girl is abducted. Roze has no other choice than to speak up. She knows who is involved and must try to rescue the girl - but what if it is already too late?

Hydra, a gaming addicted, psychopath, obsessed with finding ways to control and brainwash women, was brought up in an abusive home hidden behind wealth and the most exceptional education. His monstrous and well-calculated activities mean that his wickedly creative plans are running smoothly - until the unimaginable happens.

The Secret Service Research Unit (SSRU) within MI5 is ecstatic when the greatest asset in modern history unexpectedly reveals itself to their service. Still, everything is not as straight forward as it seems... 

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December 2020

Roze’s abilities and attitude are growing stronger as she embarks in secrecy on a hunt to find Him. A chase through his victims and digital dark web footprints as well as through the red-light districts across Europe. David, Roze’s MI5 appointed security guard and Capoeira teacher watching over her every step of the way; increasingly worried by what Roze expects of him, as she gets deeper and deeper into the underworld

Angry and focused on getting into the heart of the investigation to understand what went wrong, Hydra will stop at nothing to execute his plan. The trail of exploited, tortured, and damaged women is lengthening as he gets closer to releasing his first version of PoRuc a highly addictive and manipulative illegal online reality game. 

MI5 is getting impatient with waiting for Roze to grow up before they can use her for their own benefit, unaware of Roze’s forbidden activities that could jeopardise all their plans.

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June 2021

The largest-ever organised abduction case. No normal patterns apply and there are no visible connections.  The case is shaking the whole of the United Kingdom to its core and creating turmoil in police departments. 

Roze, now 24 is a “new age” female James Bond, who uses her mind reading powers and EQ abilities rather than violence to get the outcome that she wants, steps into her new office at MI5. She is immediately thrown into a world of interrogation and profiling in order to crack the hardest and most powerful of criminal minds until a familiar Modus Operandi (MO) engulfs Roze’s attention. There is only one person who can be behind this unbelievably evil situation, and she knows who... 

Hydra’s new heads are spreading like vermin across the globe as his reality computer game PoRuc recruits and trains more followers. The technology has caught up with his imagination. He is strategically in the right place. It’s time to accelerate the game development to the next level, and for that, he needs plenty of healthy, confident blonds to fill up his research chambers.

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December 2021

Summary better left unsaid for now

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June 2022

Summary better left unsaid for now