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October 2021


This is the third book in the Crying Minds series - following on from the success of the first two books: The Secret of the Crying Minds and The Hunt of the Crying Minds. 

A disturbing wide-scale abduction case is shaking the whole of the United Kingdom to its core and creating turmoil in all police departments. With no leads, dead bodies piling up and the clock ticking, Detective Chief Superintendent James Godeep, join forces with the intelligence services. 

Roze, now 24, with artificially enhanced mind-reading powers and EQ abilities, steps into her new office at MI5. She is immediately thrown into a world of interrogation and profiling to crack the most intricate and powerful criminal minds until a familiar MO requires Roze’s full attention. There is one person who can be behind this evil situation, and only Roze knows who… 

Hydra’s new heads spread like vermin across the globe as his computer game PoRuc recruits and enlightens more followers. The technology has caught up with his imagination. He is strategically in the right place. It’s time to accelerate the game development to the next level, and for that, he needs plenty of healthy, confident blonds to fill up his research chambers.

David Kowalski is getting dragged in deeper against his own will into Hydra’s sadistic manipulating computer game on the dark web. The higher David is climbing the ranks, the more he puts Roze in danger. 

The Battle of the Crying Minds: Work
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