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The Secret of the Crying Minds After a rough start in life, Roze is growing up in London, unable to understand why she has such extreme EQ and mind-reading abilities. With eyes watching her and desperate to fit in, she keeps her unique skills to herself until one day, at the age of almost 14, when a local girl is abducted. Roze has no other choice than to speak up – but what if it is already too late?

Hydra, a gaming addicted psychopath, obsessed with finding ways to control and brainwash women, was brought up in an abusive home, hidden behind wealth and exceptional education. His well-calculated activities mean that his monstrous plans are running smoothly – until the unimaginable happens.

The Secret Service Research Unit (SSRU) within MI5 is ecstatic when the greatest asset in modern history unexpectedly reveals itself to their service. Still, nothing is as straight forward as it might seem...

15% of all book profits goes to charity

The Secret of the Crying Minds: Work
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